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ISBN# (10) 0-316-16681-2 and (13) 978-0-316-16681-2
September 4, 2006
Little, Brown and Company
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
Hardcover and E-book
$21.99 U.S./$28.99 Canada/$15.99
240 Pages
Self-Help, New Age
Rating: 4 Cups

When one is born into the world, they learn many new things in life but one important facet a woman should learn is becoming fearless. No matter what shape, form, age or even profession, one can find fearless women in our world. Were they born that way? No, but in time they were taught by many well-educated women before them that instilled the ropes of being fearless in a fast growing world. And no matter the age, one is never too young to be taught on how to become fearless in any age or society.

Being a wife and mother is often filled with much activity and many will consider a woman who tries to do much a supermom. While others often express that stay at home moms really do not carry much power nor given much recognition. From experience, I know it is not easy being a housewife, and mother, only to hear that what ‘we’ do is mundane. The fearless chapter dedicated to moms is a great asset to women in this astounding read. It shows how many women not only are stay at home moms but often home school their children. I really commend those that do both. They are strong and invisible and to me really sustain a form of fearlessness
Within each chapter, there are some in-depth motivating facts that will help any woman deal with choices they make in their lives. The discussion of God is even brought into life with some reflection on religion. I enjoyed the way being spiritually fearless was incorporated, and how even when a sparrow falls God is behind it. Just as one may feel they have fallen in becoming fearless, there is always someone there to pick them up and help them through any obstacles. By conquering our fears, one can have a fulfilling life that not only leads to happiness but makes one stronger.

I must say that becoming a widow, life has taught me many hardships that must be faced and I quickly learned being timid, shy and afraid to speak my peace was not getting me anywhere. I had to inhale and in my own way take charge, so to speak and become fearless in my own way. I found in On Becoming Fearless, some great tactics for the up and coming with those that desire the power of standing on their feet while showing how strong one can become if they set their mind and hearts to it. Ms. Huffington does a brilliant job discussing being fearless on many things, including money. She brings out a good point in what we give we receive back. I liked when she commented her desire to write turned out to be stronger than her need for poverty and after rejection letters, she never gave up. I highly commend her for this enlightening read in showing the readers how to gain that step in becoming fearless in this ever-changing world.

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