ISBN 1-4199-0414-0
December 2005
Cerridwen Press
236 Pages
Romantic Suspense

Rorie is a freelance photographer recently freed from an abusive marriage.  She has
given her ex-husband everything, including her inheritance from her grandmother, in
order to be free. She wants to start living again, and to make decisions for herself.

Tom is a Chief Warrant Officer in Special Forces. His best friend has been killed in
action and he, once again, was unable to save someone important to him. The men of
his team take him out to a local bar to blow off some steam.

Tom and Rorie meet at the bar and spend the night together, but neither is ready for a
relationship though they shared something special. Rorie goes off on an assignment,
only to be kidnapped and reunited with Tom, who is one of her rescuers. The two live
through unimaginable hardships and find that the connection they made is even stronger
than they knew.

The author has written a suspense filled roller coaster ride of a novel. I was never sure
what would happen next or if they would survive the adventure.  Rorie and Tom are
complex, but always sympathetic characters. Tom wants to protect Rorie, who wants to
learn to take care of herself. The villains will keep you guessing, except of course for the
evil ex-husband, who is just as awful as imagined. The reader will want Rorie and Tom
to end up together.  This is a really great story; definitely a keeper.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance