ISBN# 1-933471-94-8
December 2005
Triskelion Publishing
134 Pages  
Futuristic Romance

Cat is a lawyer and a member of the wealthy low-risk class. Her parents manufacture
the vaccine that keeps the dreaded virus from decimating the populace. She is in an
unhappy marriage to a cheating spouse. Her only real happiness is in singing in a bar in
the high-risk sector.  

The Magician has been drawn to Cat since he first saw her sing. He has lived in the
high-risk area all of his life. It is a life full of injustice. The inhabitants are uneducated,
starving, and lacking most medical care except for the vaccine.

In the Edinburgh of the future, those in power maintain the status quo by separating the
populace into groups or classes: high-risk, middle-risk, and low-risk. The high-risk are
segregated into a ghetto-like area and not permitted to leave. The low-risk are the
wealthy and have all they can want. The virus that was the excuse to separate them all
may or may not exist anymore, but those in power are comfortable and find the situation
profitable. A low-risk woman and a high-risk man find love and struggle for freedom in
this restrictive time. When Cat’s husband is kidnapped, she must rely on her new friends
in the high-risk sector to get him back.

I really enjoyed this one. Cat is a very sympathetic and likeable character. Old Town
Magic is mysterious and sexy and when The Magician and Cat get together, it is even
better. The supporting characters are very colorful and add a lot to the story. The story is
filled with action and suspense, as well as some sizzling hot love scenes.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books