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ISBN# (13) 978-1-934166-31-4/(10) 1-934166-31-6
November 2006
Torquere Press
153 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Caleb is a low level diplomat who has borrowed his uncle’s ship in order to find a band of rebel soldiers who have been framed for a series of murders back on Earth. Caleb has information that may help clear their names, as well as avenge the death of his friend Daphne.

Sarhaan shares leadership of the renegades with another, but he still holds tremendous sway over the men. He is very attracted to Caleb, but he and others think Caleb is a spy, and so he feels he cannot trust him.

When Sarhaan comes upon another soldier, Dave Bartok, beating up Caleb when they first find him on his ship, he quickly puts a stop to the abuse. Bartok is none too happy to have his fun interrupted, but goes along with the order. In order to keep Caleb safe, Sarhaan keeps him at his side at all times. It is not long before their relationship becomes close. However, Caleb thinks Sarhaan is only looking for a good time and does not really love him. Will Caleb stay with Sarhaan? Can he return to Earth where he will be in more danger from the very people who are committing the murders? It is only when Caleb lays down an ultimatum that each can find closure.

Offworld is a science fiction adventure/love story not to be missed! Sarhaan comes across as your typical tough guy, while Caleb is more your typical nerd. In spite of this, these two seem made for each other. The villains are just as interesting as the heroes, which gave the book additional flavor. The description of the outpost Doradus and what goes on there is sensual and unique. Reading about Caleb’s reaction to the outpost is laugh-out-loud funny. I look forward to many more hours of reading fun from this author.

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