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ISBN# Not Available
27 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Novella
Rating: 2 Cups

Kelsey is immediately attracted to the hunky police officer on patrol near the beach where she swims, and determined to get him by any means possible. She thinks that her new job will bring them closer, but just the opposite situation occurs.

After a couple of erotic encounters with Kelsey, he only wants more, until the day she shows up at roll call as his new partner. He will not have a relationship with a co-worker, even one as sexy as Kelsey.

Two police officers who meet under unusually charged circumstances find things have changed dramatically when they are forced to work together. Work and romance do not mix, no matter how much they want them to.

The characters in this story are likable but shallow and the premise unrealistic, but the love scenes are inventive and very hot. If you like a story that is long on sex with a minimal plot, this is the story for you.

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