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ISBN# (10): 0-352-341943-9 and (13): 978-0-352-34193-8
October 14, 2008
Virgin Black Lace (Imprint of Random House Group)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 GHA
304 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Jeanine is an honest business woman. With her late husband, Lawrence’s money, and her employment contract terminated, she turns her home into a hotel. With some help from her Confessor, and cousin, Auralie, the business will be rewarding.

Auralie is a rigid designer and cousin of Jeanine. The stunning beauty has a different side to her not often seen until crossed. Underneath that poised beauty lays a ruthless woman seeking control. She offers to help Jeanine but at what price?

As an ex-director of a PR company, Jeanine can safely say she is the proud owner of a small private hotel. She is thankful to her Confessor, Petrov, who took her under his wings when Lawrence died three days after their marriage. When he helps with the hotel, he insists it is a business arrangement. Petrov is charming and polite, with great stamina. Through him Jeanine was able to relive physical desire. The process left her in complete joy and now she is afraid to confess the pleasure she rediscovered. He only asks one condition of her, stay pure and faithful to her husband’s memory. Jeanine’s one desire is to be with Gerry, Auralie’s husband. Gerry grows tired of watching Auralie enjoying pleasures with others while shutting him out. He will act revenge upon her even if he enlists Jeanine’s help but if Auralie ever discovers their passions; it could be Jeanine’s ruin.

Odalisque is hot and steamy with the heat practically rising from the pages. I liked the rift with Jeanine and Auralie. They are unique in many ways and their moments are pulse-pounding keeping the reader glued to each page. I found them interesting players who really know how to spice things up. I love how Jeanine takes everything in stride, making her a very elegant lady. Fleur Reynolds paints well-defined characters almost allowing the reader to get into their mind. She undeniably leaves the audience not only full of surprising situations, but a powerful ending.

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