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ISBN# (10)0-310-24749-7/(13)978-0-310-24749-4/(10)0-310-24749-7
April 1, 2008
Avon (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
368 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Connor Evans is an airline pilot. He is happily married with two girls, but one night, many years ago, when his world was turning upside down, he met Kiahna. For an hour the beautiful Hawaiian had practically helped him forget all his problems.

Kiahna Siefert had wanted to be a doctor. She did not wish love, marriage, or children until she finished med school. Things did not turn out as she had planned. When she has one indiscreet moment with Connor and becomes pregnant, she never tells him.

Connor believes his marriage to Michele is absolutely wonderful. Even though he does not have a son, his daughters are still most precious in his life. Everything seems to go perfectly for them until a tragic airplane goes down killing a flight attendant that Connor once knew seven years prior. Kiahna Siefert left specific instructions in the event of her death, Max, her seven-year-old son, is to spend some time with his father and bond. If the bonding does not go well, then he is to be turned over to the state. Imagine Connor’s surprise when he reads that Kiahna has been killed in an airplane crash. What he did not expect was to hear from her lawyer that Max was his son; a son he never even knew existed. With this new development, he can only wonder how Michele will take the news and why Kiahna had kept the pregnancy a secret.

Oceans Apart is a moving story told so beautifully that it just makes the heart react in so many ways. There were so many times this reader put herself in the characters role and shared in their grief, happiness and heartaches. The scene is so impacted with Conner and Michele, when events fall into their lap; it just spins with a robust of believability. Karen Kingsbury crafts a stunning bonding of a family, when love and strength are most important especially when children are involved. This story of unfaithfulness and learning how to have a greater love with forgiveness is a most precious gem.

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