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July 2008
Red Rose Publishing
31 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Michael, bored at home, decides to attend a BDSM party. He is hoping there is someone willing to play.

Marie is a submissive, but only to her husband. That is, until Michael walks into the room.

After weeks of thinking about having a different master, Marie is ready to go beyond her husband's domination. In Michael, she sees the perfect partner to trust.

I love a good story with bondage and submission in it. Ms. Wade starts wonderfully with an opening hook. I was ready for a good tale. I could almost physically feel the attraction these two had for each other. The terminology used definitely gives a reader the sense the author knows what she is talking about. However, as the story progressed, I noticed it was heavy on the BDSM and very light on the erotica. By the end of the story, I was quite disappointed. Those who would like to learn about BDSM may want to read this book.

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