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ISBN # 1-4199-0542-2
February 2006
Cerridwen Press
191 pages
Contemporary Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah lives with her crazy Aunt Lilly who fancies herself a witch, and is always experimenting with spells. Sarah has only been in love once and came in a distant second to her lover’s business, so she will never let herself fall in love again.

Anthony has spent his life rebuilding his father’s business and taking care of his family. He never really understood why Sarah dumped him. He wants her back in his life, but first he must prove he has changed.

Two elderly ladies try to reunite ex-lovers after a long separation. With the help of a little magic, the mischievous old dears cause all kinds of complications and confusion. Lilly and her friend Emily are planning a European cruise, despite the objections of Emily’s grandson, Antonio. Sarah is just as determined that they have a good time and is set to argue the issue with him. She is surprised to find the grandson is the man who broke her heart, and somehow finds herself on the cruise with the two old ladies and Anthony. Worried about Sarah’s love life, Aunt Lilly has added another complication — a spell that removes items of clothing at inopportune moments.

I loved Sarah’s character, she is strong-minded and has taken care of her younger sister since the death of their parents. Anthony is less likable; he is arrogant and dense, seeing only his own point of view. I disliked him so intensely I sometimes wondered what Sarah saw in him. He does shape up in the end, though. Aunt Lilly and Emily are wonderful characters in their own bizarre way; they and the spell really make the story.

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