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ISBN#: unavailable
July 2008
The Wild Rose Press
107 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Why does Grant Gerard do the job he does? Well, somebody has to do it, and why not him? Family is a distant painful memory, and so he puts everything he has into the agency, at least until Juliet comes along.

Juliet Truesdale is an unlikely participant in one of Grant’s operations. The chance to get to really know Grant is not something she is willing to pass up.

All the signs point to Juliet’s neighbor Adam Trudeau as having an involvement with known felon Alexis Guthrie. Now Grant just has to convince Juliet to let him set up shop in her apartment, spy on Adam, and use her as bait to draw him out. Too bad nothing is as simple as it seems. What Grant never anticipated was that the feelings he had been having for Juliet would come boiling to the surface. She is completely guileless and frighteningly astute, and he wants her to be in his life more than he has ever wanted anything before.

Grant Gerard is back, with just as much sass and attitude as ever. You are sure to fall in love with him all over again. The storyline sets you on edge with the inevitability of disaster, and a little more drama would ramp up the suspense. This is an exciting tale, and the hunt for a criminal mastermind will keep you coming back for each of Ms. Green’s installments.

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