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ISBN# 9780060899035
March 2008/ March 2009
Willam Morrow Publishing/ Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishing /
Hardcover/ Paperback
$23.95 Hardcover/ $7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
358 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Melanie Vargas is a federal prosecutor with a very public case on her hands, all the while trying to be a mother to her two year-old daughter, Maya, and getting over a break-up. She has information which will sound odd to most people on this case, but it could blow the cover off a terrorist drug smuggling scheme.

Evan Diamond is the defense attorney for rapper Atari Briggs. Evan is charming, intelligent, and cunning. He also has a very shady past. With a record of defending very bad guys and winning, Evan is just a dangerous as the man he is defending.

Atari Briggs is being tried for a murder he ordered a few years back, but Lester Poe--his attorney--hints to Melanie that Atari may be willing to turn over some crucial evidence in order to get a plea bargain. When Lester Poe is blown up shortly after this conversation, Evan steps in. Melanie is an eyewitness to the bombing and murder of a man she admires and respects. Now, witnesses are being threatened or killed. Melanie wants this rapper behind bars, but she is more concerned with the safety of the people involved with this case. Keeping them safe while trying to get Atari tried and convicted is a tough job.

With Ms. Martinez’s background in law, the reader receives a behind the scenes look at how our country keeps us safe on a daily basis. Melanie is the epitome of the working mother. She tries to be a good mom, yet she loves her job and wants to be successful in that area, too. It is a scary world we live in, and Notorious makes a person more aware of the goings on we may try to remain clueless to in this country. The author takes you into the drug-infested depths of society and makes you take a long hard look. The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat looking for the flicker of hope that good may triumph over evil yet.

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