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ISBN# 978-1-934475-04-1
April 2007
Amira Press, LLC,
2721 N. Rosedale Street, Baltimore, MD 21216
E-Book/Trade Paperback
156 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups


Cassandra has not been home in four years. When she was seventeen, she ran away from Indigo feeling unwanted and, as always, guilty about the death of her parents when she was ten. Now she is home to introduce her daughter to her father and ask for forgiveness.

Bren fell in love with Cassandra when he was thirteen and has not really stopped, even though he is angry with her for leaving. He has been punishing every woman he meets for her betrayal.

Cassandra’s return to Indigo opens many old wounds. She left a real mess when she ran away pregnant years ago. She really hurt her foster family and her boyfriend Bren. She hopes to gain forgiveness and a home for her young daughter. She does not dare to hope for more, but her daughter deserves to know her father.

The damage is most obvious in Bren and her foster brother Blake. Bren takes his anger out on women he uses and leaves. Her foster brother is so eaten up with guilt over feelings for her that he lets a woman abuse him. Cassie inspires strong feelings of love and anger in the people of Indigo. Bren’s on and off bed partner Kyla is particularly vicious. Her news for Bren could potentially destroy his life and her hostility towards Cassandra is so over the top that I wonder about the veracity of her news. The character of Melanie is a little unnecessary and could have been developed more. Cassie’s accident solved problems just a little too neatly, except for the relationship between Bren and his mother, but the rest of the story was very well done. Overall, this is a worthwhile story with a really wonderful outcome.

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