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ISBN: (13)9780758217578/ (10)0758217579
May 2009
Brava, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
288 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Simon Baptiste is ready to take care of some old business back in his hometown, Bayou Allain in Louisiana. After his latest mission as an SG-5 operative went sour, Simon figured it was just that time to rehash old arguments and confront old enemies.

Michelina Ferrer knows what it means to be seen and not heard. As the public face for Ferrer Fragrance, she is expected to be seen as some elegant model that does what her Papi expects. Michelina, or Micky as her friends call her, cannot see why she should marry a total stranger, even though that was the tradition in the old country.

When Micky gets an invitation to visit her best friend Lisa in Bayou Allain, she jumps at the chance, especially since she will be leaving behind a scandal. Instead of the sweet reunion she is planning, Micky is tossed into a mystery when her best friend is determined to be missing and the questions suddenly start flying. Being run off the road by a massive truck full of thugs is bad enough, but when Simon suddenly demands to know why a half-naked woman is encroaching on his personal space, she is afraid she has gone too far. Now with Micky’s help, Simon will try to find out what happened all those years ago that sent an innocent man to prison as well as attempt to find Lisa. He can only hope that in doing so, he has not condemned Micky to death.

No Limits starts off a little slowly but it did not take long before the intrigue and mystery really started to pull me in; then Ms. Kent had me with this gripping and impressive novel. Showing how Micky hates being seen only at face value was wonderful, and Simon's sensuality was so hot, I practically burned my fingertips turning the pages. One of my favorite scenes was the shower scene; the way he grabbed her and pulled her in—ooh that was hot! Overall this story was beautifully written with intricate characters as well as complex minor characters that will have you riveted for most of this book.

Caution: This tale contains sexually-explicit language, hot and very erotic sex scenes, and is a red-hot romance!

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