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ISBN: 9781897559789/9781897559949
December 2008
Eternal Press Production
$7.95 CA
368 Pages
Contemporary Western Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Kaycee Spencer is at her wits end and cannot seem to make anything go her way. Due to a tragic accident, the guilt lies thick on her shoulders and the responsibility that comes with it only makes it worse. Determined to seek some changes, Kaycee goes for a job interview, never expecting it to change her life.

Jace Remington, also known as J.D., is tired of his meddling younger brother. Every time he turns around, his brother is setting him up with some woman who he thinks is the perfect wife for him. When he finds out that Duel has set him up with a pretty young woman for a job interview, he has had enough and decides to play a joke on him.

While sitting at the bar waiting for his interviewer to show up, Jace is bowled over by a beautiful woman who resembles a hooker. Slipping her a hundred dollar bill seems to be the worst thing possible and he gets a cold shoulder like never before. Kaycee is horrified that some strange man thinks she is a hooker. Before she can defend her virtue, an evil man descends upon her with the intent to rape and kill her and the only one who can stop him is Jace, the man who thinks she is a hooker.

This book had me spellbound from the very beginning. Ms. Chelcee has written an amazing story that will take you from Reno, Nevada, to Rimrock, Montana, and beyond. Filled with laughter, tears, horror, evil, vengeance, and much more, No Holds Barred is a thrill ride that will leave you speechless. Once I started, I could not put this book down and when the battery died on my computer, I threw a hissy fit I was so mad! This story will blow your socks off and I only wish I could give it more than a five-cup rating because it certainly deserves it!

Caution: This story contains red-hot romance, steamy language, blood and gore, and some rape scenes.

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