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ISBN# 9781419915956
September 18, 2008
Cerridwen Press
151 pages
Futuristic/Sci-fi Romance
Rating 3 Cups

Shauna Wentworth is a scientist who lives and works in a very different world to ours. Her aim in life is to perfect the hand-held time machine she has invented. On one of her experimental trips back in time, she accidently brings an off duty police officer home with her.

Mike Forrester is Christmas shopping when he comes across a strangely glowing young lady. When he reaches for her; he suddenly finds himself one hundred years in the future. Soon after his arrival, Shauna receives a message from the parents she thought dead for five years.

Mike and Shauna face a lot of difficulties in their hunt for Shauna's parents. Including being on the most wanted list for the corrupt international police force of the twenty-second century. When they meet with the Wentworth's, they discover a secret that will not only rock the foundations of the corrupted world Shauna has grown up in, but if Mike decides to return home, it could be disastrous fro the world as we know it.

Mike is a very special character who handles time travel better than I do air travel. His strength works well with the determination of Shauna. It is a pleasure to watch how they build a relationship. Knowing they have family members living one hundred years apart. Ms Goodwin has written and intriguing novel that shows a future I hope we can avoid.

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