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ISBN: 0312946856
March 2009
St. Martin's Press
296 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cameron McBride loves his job; racing around a track at 200 MPH is a thrilling experience that he cannot get enough of time after time. Five years ago, he thought his life was perfect because he had a great job and a flawless woman. Then, on the day of his wedding, a note was the only notice he received that his fiancée had left him at the altar.

Leaving the man she loved may have seemed like a stupid thing to do, but watching him drive around a track, possibly to his death, seemed like torture to Caitlin Lawrence. After seeing her father perish in a NASCAR race and her mother’s devastating deteriorating self-involvement, Caitlin refused to become the person her mother had. Leaving the love of her life at the altar seemed like the best option; unfortunately, she did not realize that when she did, a part of Cameron went with her.

Five years have passed since that fateful day and, by some weird act of fate, Caitlin and Cameron meet up again. Still hurt and angry at how his ex-fiancée left him, the race car driver finds himself facing a stunning revelation; in Caitlin’s arms is a four-year-old little boy with the exact replica of his face. Bewildered and feeling betrayed, he vows to do everything within his power to become a part of his son’s life, even threatening to take Joshua away, until Cameron gets Caitlin’s agreement to come along with him during his racing season. What neither expects is that the attraction that was always so present between them will spark back, making their travels heated with passion and leaving Caitlin with the conclusion that she will have to get over her fears or come to betray the man she has always loved once again.

Nobody But You is a stunning depiction of two lost souls coming together even after betrayal and a long absence has torn them apart. In this story, you can tell that Ms. Ray has written from the heart; the feelings and emotions both characters demonstrate are very realistic, enough so that I felt the ache in my own soul when there was a struggle for understanding between Cameron and Caitlin. The sex scenes were filled with passion, yes, but they were also so romantic and overflowing with love. I could not help but become emotionally involved with these two characters. While Nobody But You is the second book in the Grayson Friends series, it can be read as a standalone. With an amazing storyline and beautiful wording, I find myself ready to go back and read the first novel in this series, just to read some more remarkable plots and spectacular characters!

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