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ISBN# (13) 978-0-505-52722-6/(10) 0-505-52722-7
July 2007
Love Spell/Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc.
200 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
326 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Gillian Sayers is a Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, and the survivor of an attack that killed her mother. Her father goes to jail for that murder, however, Gillian saw what killed her mother and she knows her father is innocent. Desperate to get her father out of prison, when Gillian sees a story on the news detailing a murder that is identical to her mother’s, she thinks this is her chance to get proof of the creature’s existence. However, she does not factor in Nick, also a survivor and the next hunter. No doubt about it, Nick is hot and she wants him, but can she set aside the needs of the many to fulfill the needs of the one?

Nicholaus Blackwater has been waiting for twenty-five years for the day when the next generation of the creature that killed his entire family will rise again. Raised and trained by a former hunter, and guided by the Ancients, Nick knows the creature and its mates must be destroyed. However, he had not counted on his strong attraction to Gillian, or her stubbornness. He could die in the battle to come, but that does not stop him from wanting Gillian, or doing everything he can to convince her to his side of things.

When Gillian is nearly killed by one of the female creatures, Nick must acknowledge that the Ancients have chosen her to help him. As they become closer, Gillian still has doubts as to whether or not she should try and get some proof the creatures exist so she can get her father out of jail. That, coupled with her growing knowledge that if she and Nick do not destroy the creature’s mates and prevent its reproductive cycle, then in twenty-five years it will begin all over again, makes things even more difficult. However, they do not count on the resourcefulness of the Dark Ancients, or on the male creature, Cadamus. Will they be able to stop the next breeding cycle? Will their love be enough to give them strength for the coming battle?

Night Hunter is a very imaginative dark romance. Ms. McDavid writes characters that nearly leap off the pages. The creature Cadamus and his mates give the book just that touch of gothic that I enjoy in my paranormal romance. Gillian, as the woman torn between wanting to get her father out of jail and her desire to love Nick and help him stop the creatures, is stupendous! Nick is just plain wonderful, and makes a fantastic modern day knight in this story about the forces of dark and light battling it out. The many twists and turns in this book kept me sitting on the edge of my seat for many hours. I hope that Ms. McDavid is planning on a sequel to tie up a few loose ends because I for one cannot wait to find out what happens next!

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