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ISBN#: Paperback-9781597057349/E-book-9781597053044
March 2008
308 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Zoe is a warrior with a tainted past. Her ex-husband abused her, she lost one child that was still in her womb, and another child years later to her ex-in laws. Now after finally finding love with a beautiful man inside and out, she has been kidnapped by her ex-husband Travis for ransom.

Mott is sick of Travis’ head games with Zoe and wants everything finished here and now. When he catches up to the kidnappers, he finds that Zoe has been viciously beaten until she is black and blue. Ready for revenge against those who took her, Zoe and Mott go back to settle the score.

After their revenge is complete, Zoe and Mott take a vacation in his homeland of Ireland. Out of the blue their friend Ian calls them back for help. An evil entity is in the United States and seeking souls to consume while waiting for its own mate. Finding the being is only half the battle as Zoe realizes that the enemy has taken the shape of someone she knows, and in order to beat him she must face her past and the guilty feelings that are slowly destroying her or her soul will be consumed as well.

Night Brigade: The Satellite starts out as a new series for Ms. Love, telling the story of a renowned warrior and a famous musician. At times this story was slightly confusing as I had the sense that this was like jumping into the middle of a story. Parts were jumbled and the evil being, Satellite kept coming back like a B movie killer. Overall this story was not bad, just not something that I would want to read over and over again. A story full of journeys, mystical people, fight scenes, and sensually charged scenes, it is a tale for those who like a good fantasy.

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