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ISBN# 1-59836-063-9
June 2005
Venus Press Publications
68 Pages
Vampire Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Kat is a vampire slayer, and a good one. She lost most of her family in a vicious vampire attack, with only her younger brother surviving. To support him and get revenge, she became one of the best vampire slayers around. Ten years later, she is tired of the killing and plans to stop after a million dollar hit, the vampire Ian LeMaster, her former lover. This will be hard for Kat since she has to fight her emotions while planning Ian’s death.

Ian Le Master is the strongest vampire in North America and controls his territory fairly but ruthlessly, killing vampires who get out of line. He has been apart from Kat for five years, and it is time to get her back. Unfortunately, it is a busy time for him with deviant vampires invading his territory, the bounty for his head, and the arrival from Europe of the powerful vampire, Victor Petrikov, who is here to destroy all Ian cares about.

When this vampire slayer and vampire ruler fall in love, almost everyone is against them. Other slayers want the reward, while other vampires want them dead. Ian is working hard to convince Kat he is not the monster she thinks he is. His plan involves incredibly hot sex, saving her life, and opening his heart to her. A good plan, and if anyone can pull it off, Ian is the man.

Night Songs is fully developed and a well written short story. Ian is a very dynamic hero, and I enjoyed the interaction between he and Kat. The sex is outstanding and hot. The dialogue is captivating from the first page and the adventure aspect of the story is perfect. Everything together makes Night Song more than just another vampire-slayer romance. Ms Farrell’s latest is already in the keeper file, and Ian and Kat are so great together I hope they have a sequel.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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