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  Moon Series

Book 1 - Killing Moon

Book 2 - Edge of the Moon

Book 3 - Witching Moon

Book 4 - Crimson Moon

Book 5 - Shadow of the Moon

Book 6 - New Moon

Book 7 - Ghost Moon

Book 8 - Eternal Moon

Book 9 - Dragon Moon: The Moon Series

ISBN# 978-0-425-21602-6
March 2007
Berkley Sensation; Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, N.Y. 10014
$7.99 US/ $10.99 Canada
321 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Rinna is from a different universe, one where she is a slave, but has extensive psychic abilities as well as being a shape-shifter. Rinna is running for her life, from a man who has already raped her and wants her dead. That is when she finds a wolf in a trap meant for her, a wolf she later learns is Logan Marshall.

Logan Marshall cannot believe the beauty who has found him. Rinna helps him escape and takes him to another dimension. Logan can hardly believe where he is, all he knows is there are warriors after Rinna and him, and he needs to heal to help save them. But Logan also learns that Rinna just may be the mate he has hungered for.

As Rinna and Logan run for their lives, they search for a portal that will take them back to Logan’s home. But during all their running they came across a building holding enough equipment to start a war but a war on who or where? Rinna believe it is earth and now Logan knows it all has to be stopped. While Rinna and Logan get to know one another, Rinna realizes that Logan is like no man she has ever known, but even if they got out of all of this alive, could she trust Logan with her heart?

SENSATIONAL! Once again Ms. York creates another fabulous tale that continues on with her Moon series, keeping her plots delightfully refreshing and the romance sinfully wicked. Fascinating characters that you get to know, and some secondary characters you may already know, this story takes off at lightening speed and it does not stop until the very end. Cleverly laid out plots and several twists and turns keeps this story energized, while the romance keeps you tantalized. As a fan of Ms. York I cannot say enough about this series, an absolute must read.

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