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ISBN# 9780615248585
September 2008
Night to Dawn Books
262 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating 2 Cups

Alexandra Williams is touring Scotland for a month. In the more than capable hands of John MacDonald, she soon falls in love with the highlands where her father was born. Chasing the story of ghosts who have bothered her, both as visitors and in dreams, since before she left America, Alex and John start to become closer. Everything is going well until her best friend, Sammy, pays a visit.

After a disastrous marriage and many years at sea, the last thing John MacDonald is looking for is a relationship. But he is more than happy to accommodate and escort the distant cousin from America. He is not prepared when he finds himself instantly attracted to Alex. He really does not like it when Sammy turns up, trying to control Alex as it appears she has done since they were children.

Sammy has always played a big part in Alex’s life. She has controlled and belittled her into believing that no man would want her, even while Alex has done everything to keep the peace, and protect Sammy from anything she would not like. When Alex wants to visit Scotland and do it on her own terms, Sammy does everything in her power to regain control of her.

This is a complicated book with two main stories running parallel to each other. The story of Alex’s visits by the ghost of her ancestors and her dreams of their lives seems to take a back seat while she deals with her lifelong friend. The Story of Sammy and her problems takes over the middle of the book and I really did not see the necessity for it as part of the book. The development of Alex and John’s relationship also got lost in the Sammy Saga. I would have enjoyed learning more about how they fell in love. I also felt that although Ms McCain has managed to portray life in ancient Scotland, her representation of modern day Scotland was often inaccurate and poorly described.

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