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ISBN: 978-0-9821974-6-2
December 14, 2008
Mystic Moon Press
269 Pages
Time Travel / Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The dreams are finally becoming too much for Kate Bradach to bear, so she travels west in order to find answers to questions that have haunted her for years. The Indian warrior in her dreams seems to be beckoning her, reaching out to touch her soul in a way that she cannot comprehend.

Having lost his mother and his beloved wife to white-man trappers turned Taima’s heart to stone. He exacted his revenge, but hate for the white man still burns in his soul; however, honor will not allow him to leave a white woman to the same fate as his wife.

Kate travels into the beautiful mountain country of the Tetons with her gorgeous and mysteriously familiar guide Brandon Wakiza, only to find herself coming to in the midst of an Indian raid. Kate's sheer terror of nearly dying in the raid is eclipsed only by her fury when she is hauled off as a captive by the arrogant and demanding Shoshone Indian, Taima. Taima would rather throw himself from a cliff than give in to the feelings he is having for Kate. His heart belonged to his wife, but it seems his soul may belong to this beautiful green-eyed white woman.

I am a huge fan of Indian lore, and having traveled to the area in which this story is placed made this all the more fascinating to me. I will admit that the threat of rape and degradation between Taima and Kate is something I really do not care for, but as the plot unfolds, the story certainly redeems itself. The details of daily chores and family life among the Shoshone feel like they have been well researched, and they really give you a glimpse into their lives. There is heartache and joy throughout every chapter, as well as enough suspense and drama to keep you riveted to your seat.

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