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ISBN# 0-446-17823-3
August 2008
237 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017
Mass Market Paperback
368 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Carson Phillips always thought that her guardian was an important, though distant, man until the day she saw him kill a man. Now she questions everything.

Nicodemus is a Warlord fiend. His goal in life is to kill the mage Magellan and his witch, Carson Phillips, but he might have some fun with her first.

Carson is a witch but does not know it. She knows that her guardian is a murderer and possibly worse, so she runs away. Unfortunately, the sheltered life she has led leaves her unprepared for the real world and her debilitating migraines make things worse. A very handsome man who saves her from one of Magellan’s minions is convinced that she is a witch and wants to kill her. She has to convince him and herself that she is worth saving.

Ms. Jewel has given the reader an exciting new take on a genre that can be a little repetitive. Her fiends are not the bad guys at all; they are trying to protect their kind against evil mages who enslave them. Carson was a prisoner also; Magellan killed her parents and has been siphoning her powers and poisoning her since she was eight. She thought that she was just helping him do his research on ancient artifacts and legends and has no idea what he really is. I liked her character; she is a bit naïve, but very brave. Nicodemus is very hot; I loved watching him try to overcome his prejudices. Her relationship with Nicodemus is very involving and never boring. The other fiends and the mage Rasmus play a large part in the story and their characters are interesting and very well written. I would love to read more stories about them, particularly Xia and Kyan. The two formerly enslaved demons are very intriguing and sexy.

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