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ISBN# (10)0-451-22458-2/(13)978-0-451-22458-3
August 2008
Signet Eclipse
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ian Olympus is the only Sky Rider for the island of Aelynn. He must enter the Outside World on a missionary journey to help his crippling people and home. He continues to see a woman in his vision that captures his whole imagination.

Chantal Orateur Deveau works in a printer’s shop. She is a revolutionary and has possession of the chalice. While Paris plunges into uprising, she has tried for two years to find a safe and stable world since her husband’s death then Ian enters her life.

Ian never knew love but hopes one day that will change, then he sees the woman in his vision, the one who holds the key to his destiny and possesses the chalice he desperately needs. France is a country at war. He realizes he could possibly die there but he must do whatever it takes to win back the chalice. When Ian appears asking for the chalice, Chantal has no idea of what he speaks. She has many chalices, given to her by her mother as wedding gifts but he only wishes one. In no time, they are lost in each other’s touch. She does not even know his name yet his character is quite trusting. It is imperative he regain the chalice. As they lean toward the other in finding a way to gain the chalice, Ian wonders can the Outside World ever be a part of his people’s future?

Mystic Rider takes the reader by storm. Ian and Chantal heat the pages with a frenzy by just simple glances and stirring emotions. He is someone who is afraid to give in to love but Chantal has a way of making his heart no longer hollow. Patricia Rice is an amazing storyteller. She has a way of spinning a tale that holds the audience captive. I loved the part where the confrontation was going on about leading and one of the widowed women entered the conversation. I thought bravo. This entertaining read allows two people to find love and passion amidst trying times while searching for the one thing for peace.

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