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ISBN#: 978-0-8217-8035-0
November 2008
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
341 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Margaret is the oldest of the Lansing sisters. She is the smart one, a scientist with little or no time for any human relationships. Her mother called her “plainy brainy”.

Rose is the middle sister and the homemaker of the group, she always felt invisible around her mother. She is the only married sister, and her marriage is in trouble. She has been trying to get pregnant and is sure that a secret in her past will prevent that.

Quincy is the youngest Lansing sister and very beautiful. Her mother called her a “stupid tramp” so many times even she believes it. She has been married twice and has had many bad relationships and was just fired from her latest job as a Vegas cocktail waitress.

The sudden death of Susan Lansing brings all three of her daughters home to Shadow Falls and the memories of their terrible childhood after their father left them all for Tiffani-with-an-i-not-a-y on Quincy’s fourth birthday. The Susan the townspeople knew was very different than the one the girls knew and loved as much as they hated. She pitted the three against each other, and they were never close, but now they have a chance to mend fences.

My Sisters is a wonderful novel about the relationships between three sisters in a horrendously dysfunctional family. Susan took her anger at her missing husband out on his daughters, and they never felt loved or wanted. It seems that they felt like household help who could be fired at any time. Susan’s death makes them all come to terms with their feelings about her and each other. Each sister has issues at home as well as in Shadow Falls and by the end of the book a lot of things are resolved, and the future looks much brighter. This book is a real page turner and impossible to put down.

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