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ISBN# 978-1-59374-826-5 E-Book / 978-1-59374-825-8 Trade Paperback
August 2007
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052 Casper, WY 82605-1052
E-book/ Paperback
$5.99 /$12.95
152 pages
Young Adult/Historical
Rating: 5 cups

Going to a new land is an adventure for Elizabeth. She loves her family and cannot wait to get to her new home and discover all the opportunities in front of her since, in her mind, she is still too young to get married. The future and the changes in her world will not be easy for her.

Brave Coyote helps lead his Apache tribe. They work together and support one another no matter what decisions are made. When he comes across Elizabeth, he is stunned by her actions. He believes her to be a strong and brave person and wants her for his own.

On the way to pursue her family’s dreams, Indians attack the wagon train and Elizabeth is the lone survivor. She wants to go to her grandfather in Montana and, remembering her father’s words, she keeps a gun with one bullet in it to be used only if necessary. She is frightened when another band of Indians approach her, but they offer protection. Elizabeth is not sure if she can trust them but left with no other option, accepts their offer. She knows the man who rescues her as Apache, but it seems he might become more to her than she could ever imagine.

This story blows me away! It shows both sides so well I am ashamed to remember what is in the history books. Ms. Lattimer presents a story everyone will love no matter their age. It is full of adventure, dreams, and a love that will heal old wounds. Elizabeth needs something to focus on and Brave Coyote helps her find it, not just with him, but also with his whole community. I am in love with this story. Do not walk, but run to pick up this book today!

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