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ISBN# (10)0-373-26661-8/(13)978-0-373-26661-6
January 2009
Worldwide Library Worldwide
251 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Fonnie Beachum use to be a registered nurse, but now works as an amateur-sleuth, usually helping out with cases that grab her attention. When she attends her daughter’s wedding, it will certainly be one she will remember.

Keisha Louise Riggs was Fonnie’s health-aid after Fonnie’s stroke. After a year, she is glad Fonnie has regained some of her strength again. She really loves the elderly lady.

Fonnie is excited that her daughter, Amy, has found someone to love again and is getting married. Paul will make a good husband. Her grandson, Brian, works with the police department in Groverton and does not understand why his mother cannot have the wedding at home instead of on a beach. Fonnie thinks it is romantic and invites Keisha to attend. It is there Fonnie meets Paul’s uncle, Jeremiah, and they hit it off well. Keisha also meets someone with whom she sparks interest. Neither expected the suspicious death of Buzz, Paul’s law partner. Fonnie believes his drink was spiked and intends on doing some checking of her own. As Fonnie tries to unravel who could have wanted to get rid of Buzz, Keisha is missing, leaving quite a list of suspects at the wedding gathering.

I love reading a Fonnie Beachum mystery because it is like going home. Murder and Misdeeds is another fine suspense story that grabs this reader and takes them on an adventure not soon forgotten. Fonnie reminds me of a loving grandmother that I hold dear in my heart. I do not think she ever ages. I fell in love with the refreshing character of Keisha, and how she and Fonnie get along. I could almost see the expressions on Brian’s face when he talks to his grandmother about her hair coloring. Helen Goodman paints a home, and family, that become real and have a permanent fixture inside my heart. The addition of the secondary characters made this story an outstanding read. Thanks so much for the introduction of Jeremiah.

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