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ISBN#: 978-1585713264
September 2, 2008
Indigo Love Spectrum, Genesis Press
PO Box 101, Columbus, Massachusetts 39701
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Author Khela Halliday writes best selling romance novels. Her writing career began as a fluke, but for years she has reigned as one of the top selling romance authors. No one would guess that she has the worst luck when it comes to men.

Life has always come pretty easy for Carter Radcliffe; all he has to do is flash a smile, and people go out of their way to accommodate him. A pretty face has paved his way more than once, but feeling like that is all he is got old a long time ago.

A romance writer who does not believe in everlasting love; could she be any more of a fraud? Khela feels sick every time she thinks of it. Her one short stint with marriage was enough to spoil any romantic illusions she had about men. The only really good men in her life are the ones she makes up in her stories. But appearances are everything, and if she wants to make a good showing at the writer’s convention, she needs a date. Carter is quite intrigued when he is propositioned by Khela to be her date for the weekend. She has been at the forefront of his thoughts for three years, ever since she started renting from him. But knowing that he is only eye candy to show off for her colleagues leaves him cold. He wants so much more from her, but how can he possibly live up to her ideal when he feels like his life is shallow and worthless compared to hers?

A pretty face and a fat wallet should make anyone happy, right? But when that is all people see, Carter and Khela find themselves questioning everyone’s motives, including their own. Ms. Hubbard compels her readers to fall in love with her characters and their story. They are distinctive, strong, and deeply passionate. Her dialogue is emotionally stimulating, with everything from tears of sadness to gales of hearty laughter. I especially loved the “feather party,” and laughed until I had tears running down my face. Thank you so much to Ms. Hubbard for writing with such honesty and passion.

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