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ISBN# 978-1-60435-164-4
June 2008
Red Rose Publishing
56 pages
Erotic sci-fi romance
Rating: 4 cups

As office manager, Vega Stark is expected to work with the new accounting firm her boss has just hired. The problem is, whenever the new accountant is around she cannot think. Vega hopes Dietrich will like her exotic looks, but will he, like other men, think lilac hair is just too much?

As owner of Earth Wealth Accounting, Dietrich Raze knows the importance of visiting each new company he works with. This time he has found himself face to face with the most exotic woman he has ever met. Could there be any truth in the rumors, that women from the Lyra constellation have only one life mate and once they meet they have no choice but to be together?

From the moment they meet, Dietrich and Vega are attracted to each other, and neither trust the sudden need to become close. Dietrich becomes distant at work after they have given in to their desirers. Vega is annoyed, and wonders if she should walk away or confront him?

There are not many who know, the instant they meet a person, how well the relationship will go. Ms. Hope’s lovely tale of instant attraction shows how beautifully this can happen, although Vega’s pet dragon Nip is not as happy with the situation. I enjoyed watching these characters deal with something beyond their control. This is an excellent book with its gorgeous men, exotic women, and we must not forget the cute little dragon all brought together in a fun story.

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