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ISBN# 1-4208-9001-8
October 2005
Author House
Trade Paperback
268 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

After losing her husband to a drunk driver, Katie starts to think about her life before her marriage. When Mike, an old college friend, turns up out of the blue and invites her to a dinner party, Katie reluctantly agrees. Mike and Katie soon start seeing more of each other, building first a friendship before moving into a more adult relationship.

Mike Schaefer has been married and divorced twice and has no plans to make the mistake a third time. Until, that is, he bumps into Neil, his college roommate. After telling Neil about Katie’s husband, Mike decides to pay her a visit. Knowing Katie and Neil loved each other deeply when they were younger makes it awkward for Mike when he starts seeing more of Katie.

Neither Neil nor Katie has forgotten the way they were forced apart by parental pressure. When they meet at Mike’s party, they soon lay the past to rest and realize that the past should be left exactly where it is. Neil finds he has not been giving all he could to his wife and determines to do better. Katie begins to realize that although she loved her husband, her life must continue now that he is gone.

This is a very complicated book at the start, jumping between four characters often making it difficult to follow. Once the story starts to focus on Mike and Katie, it becomes easier to read, but many questions about Neil and Lyn are left unanswered. I found that a lot of the story was repetitive, reading the same conversations numerous times. Over all it is a sweet romance with a lot of unfulfilled potential and promising far more than was delivered.

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