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ISBN# 978-1-600088-272-2
June 2008
Cobblestone Press
31 Pages
Erotic Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Claire is a young coyote-were woman finding her way in life, and realizing that, while she likes the safety of dating a human, she needs the strength that weres can give her, along with a dose of Moonshine, a coyote aphrodisiac. After her human boyfriend dumps her, Claire is in a bar when she meets another coyote-were, Lars. She isn’t sure how to handle him, but luckily, he has a plan.

Lars was surprised to see the available Claire, and when he offers her a hot time and Moonshine things are looking good for him. But he may want more from her than just a fun night of sex.
Soon Lars demands more, and Claire wants to make sure she can handle the domineering man. Both lovers make ultimatums. Hopefully the two can base their future on more than sex and Moonshine.

I really enjoy how well Ms Rogers separated the weres from humans. Their interaction and dialogue was great for a couple establishing their relationship for the long term, with or without pharmaceutical help. Lars is a bit gruff, but Claire was equally resolute in her needs and desires. The emotional play between the two made them an interesting couple and enjoyable for more than just the hot sex. The lack of support characters kept the focus on the pair and let me delight in Clair and Lars. Moonshine is a definite keeper.

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