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ISBN# 978-0-9800356-0-5
April 2008
Highland Press
P.O. Box 2992, High Springs, Florida 32655
Trade Paperback
225 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessica Maxwell is left alone with her children when her husband dies on the trail. When an Indian appears offering help, she wonders about his real intentions.

Swift Eagle is a Lakota warrior. He means no harm to the white family. Guided by a vision, he has been sent to take care of her, and help her down the mountain.

Jessica does not know what to make of the Indian when he appears at her camp. He introduces himself as Swift Eagle and proclaims the Great Spirit sent him a vision to help her off the mountain. It is hard to believe an Indian would assist a white family. He explains how he stayed out of view, when he saw her man fall ill, not wishing to be shot. Now alone, going down the mountain will be dangerous. He will show her the best way. Swift Eagle believes this is his destiny. As the journey begins, Jessica and her children must learn to trust Swift Eagle, the same way he must set his differences aside and trust them. The journey ahead is nothing as treacherous as learning to soften their hearts and become friends.

Moon of the Falling Leaves is an incredible read. The characters are not only believable but the blending in of how Swift Eagle shows Jessica and her children the acts of survival is remarkably done. The months of travel indeed shows hardships each much endure. Diane Davis White pens a poignant tale that really grabbed this reader. She tells a descriptive story of discipline, trust and love in a time where hatred and prejudice abounded among many. This rich tale offers vivid imagery of the beautiful scenery and landscape, and brings in the tribal customs of each person, as Jessica and Swift Eagle search their heart.

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