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ISBN# Unavailable
November 2008
Lyrical Press
E Book
59 pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Penny Stephens is a werewolf on the run from the abusive alpha of her pack, Big Jimmy. Living in a small town, she is in trouble when she goes into heat and there is no man around to ease the ache.

Son of the former alpha, Cade Steele is a rogue wolf. He is tracking Penny because he knows she is coming into the heat phase. To keep her from becoming feral, he is more than willing to help her through the process.

Cade has watched Penny for years from the outskirts of the pack. He has lusted after her. When Big Jimmy takes over the alpha position, the pack falls into a place of dishonor. Penny is in hiding when Cade finds her. Scared, the couple is in deep trouble when Jimmy and his thugs find them.

The title grabbed my attention and the first page reeled me in. I read it from front to back and loved every page of it. Penny is a woman who is not afraid of taking what she wants. Cade is rough and sexy, yet appreciates Penny’s toughness. These two as a couple are incredible. While fast-paced and adventurous, the storyline slowed down in the right places. While I was sad to see this book end, I do look forward to more from Ms. Carter.

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