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ISBN# 1-1555-5488
March 2007
Midnight Showcase
PO Box 300491, Houston, TX 77230
E-Book/Trade Paperback
172 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Melane is a unique combination of the warrior and sorceress sects in her all female society. Her mother was murdered shortly after Melane’s birth, and she was taken in by the leader of the warrior sect. Despite not being born to the sect, hard work made her succeed.

Wylan is the King of Moondock, where females are little more than slaves. The little elamie he met in the forest confuses him; she thinks that she is a warrior. He will soon teach her otherwise.

The high priestesses of Cibrac sent four young women, one of each sect, out to find allies in their war against the brutal Kibras. Melane, the representative of the Lamar warrior sect, finds the legendary Selams, but they do not take her seriously at first and their leader is determined to claim her. The kingdom of Moondock has its own political problems as well as a sorcerer called the Dragon, who wishes to rule everyone. Melane’s powers call to him and her beauty calls to both the king and his general.

This is an interesting fantasy tale. The males known as Selam (males spelt backwards) apparently left after a plague of some sort. Only a few women went with them and few are present in their society. Moondock women are little more than possessions, while the neighboring Windland treats them as treasures. Melane has never seen a man before and her experience in this story would make me think twice about asking for their help. Her relationship with Wylan, a very alpha male, is stormy and he does not appreciate her love for him, but she needs help for her people and was told to do anything to ensure that. Dragon is a good name for an evil sorcerer and he is very evil. This is a very exciting tale with a satisfactory ending and a good love story.

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