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ISBN# 978-1-60313-539-9
April 2009
Whiskey Creek Press
167 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating 5 Cups

Savannah Royce has always loved vampires. Tall, dark handsome with a side order of brooding is her ultimate wish. But that is her weekend life where she is now frequenting the Goth bars in an effort to find the man she does not really believe exists.

Kaige Travers has never really been happy as a vampire. He has accepted his lot in life but he swore to never turn another person. After his adverse reaction to becoming a vampire two hundred and seventy eight years ago, he did not want to put anyone in that position or to take responsibility for them.

When Kaige finds Savannah being attacked in an alley by another vampire, he not only finds himself intervening, but then turning her to save the girl’s life. When Savannah wakes a few days later in Kaige’s bedroom, she leaves as quickly as possible. But she soon starts to wonder if what he said about being a vampire is true. Why else would she be looking longingly at her best friend’s neck?

A fascinating new look at the life of vampires in the twenty-first century. The dry humor and harmony between the characters is light and refreshing, while keeping the characters human and believable. The world they live in is not only realistic but possible in our own lives. Ms. Tyler has excelled herself again with Vampire 101. This is one reviewer waiting eagerly for news of more books in the aptly named modern day vampire series.

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