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ISBN# 978-1-59632-281-3
August 2006
Loose Id
207 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Caitlyn is determined to find and help capture the serial killer known as The Slasher. She is sure that she is the only survivor. That is pretty much all she is sure of since she has no memory of her life before or immediately after the attack. She does, however, have a mysterious lover who comes to her in her dreams.

Aiden Devlin, owner of the club Pretenses, is in mourning for his wife, whose body disappeared shortly after The Slasher killed her. Many think Aiden killed her. He is totally surprised when she shows up in his office one day and does not know him.

Caitlyn, suffering amnesia after a brutal attack, is determined to find her attacker. During her investigation, she interviews Aiden Devlin, whose wife was another victim. She suspects him of murdering his wife, which is impossible since she is his wife.

This story hooked me from the first, and I could not put it down. Caitlyn is a wonderful character, searching for her identity and wondering if she can trust anyone. She fights her attraction to Aiden, not remembering him and not trusting him. Aiden is thrilled to have his wife back; until it sinks in that she does not remember him and that the killer is still after her. The author creates a separate world within Philadelphia where vampires have their own society. Her characters are vividly well written and the story so suspenseful that the reader will be on the edge of her seat throughout. Every time I thought I had the whole story the author added another exciting twist. Like Caitlyn the reader is not sure who the Slasher is until the end of the book. This is the best vampire tale I have read this year.

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