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ISBN# (10): 0-553-80709-9/ (13): 978-0-385-553-80709-7 Hardcover and (10): 0-553-90596-1/ 13): 978-0-385-553-80709-7 BUT SHOULD READ: (13): 978-0-553-80709-7
February 2009
Bantam Books (A Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Hardcover and E-Book
384 Pages
Fiction/Fantasy/Short Stories
Rating: 4 Cups

Clayton could have resisted the bite but no sooner than it happened, he was alone in the world. It was not easy being a lone child werewolf, but thanks to a kind soul by the name of Jeremy, he is able to learn about the human-werewolf world to stay abreast of things.

Jeremy is eager to make friends once he meets Clayton. He makes sure to introduce him to the pack and give him a change of clothing. He even teaches Clayton words, and sentences to help him fit in.

Malcolm is not an easy member of the pack to get along with, and he proves to be even more agitated when he gives up his son to his father.

Malcolm knew his father wanted him to have a son, but he refused to bring in a half-breed to the pack. His father could be careless, as long as he has a child. He will take the child and raise it. As time passes on, Malcolm comes upon Clayton in Baton Rouge and bites the young man; leaving Clayton to seek revenge. Clayton is alone when befriended by Jeremy then enters the human world, but it does not take long to educate him in language skills. When Clayton arrives in New York, and meets Malcolm, Jeremy’s father, the need for revenge he holds for the man only makes him angrier. Malcolm is responsible for his change, and now Clayton will do anything to remove Malcolm from the pack. As Clayton tries to control the animal instinct inside him, will he be able to destroy his arch nemesis, Malcolm, or will it cause him to lose Jeremy’s friendship?

Men of the Otherworld is indeed a story that keeps one on their toes. The cleverly sketched plot with well-rounded characters builds a world that is amazing. Watching Malcolm go through the process of trying to obtain a child then seeing the woman he beds, and the complications that arise, was mind-blowing. The family alone was one that I really would not wish to live in. Kelley Armstrong paints a world of brothers and werewolves that send chills down the spine once they get together. She shows how strength, and continued existence, is among the fittest to survive within, and without, the pack. I could not help but feel the anguish that Clayton often endures in this remarkable read.

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