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The McKetterick Series

Book 1 - High Country Bride
Book 2 - Shotgun Bride
Book 3 - Secondhand Bride
McKettrick's Choice
Sierra's Homecoming
McKettrick's Luck
McKettrick's Pride
McKettrick's Heart
The McKettrick Way
A McKettrick Christmas
McKettricks of Texas: Tate
McKettricks of Texas: Garrett
Book 13: McKettrick’s of Texas: Austin
Book 14: A Lawman's Christmas

ISBN# (13) 978-0-073-77194-3/(10) 0-373-77194-0
April 2007
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
315 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Molly Shields does not know what to think when Psyche, the woman who adopted her son, contacts her and asks her to come to Indian Rock, Arizona, after her husband, Molly’s ex-lover, suddenly dies. Molly gave up her son to the man whom she did not know was married during a bout of post partum depression. At the time, she thinks it best her son have two parents, but it is not long before she regrets her decision.

Keegan McKettrick is Psyche’s childhood sweetheart, as well as her close friend now that they are grown. When Keegan discovers that Molly is in town, he is furious because he thinks Molly is little more than a slut, and he is worried she may hurt Psyche, whom he is very protective of. However, despite his personal opinion of Molly, he is attracted to her.

When Molly discovers that Psyche has terminal cancer and wants to give Molly another chance to raise her son, Lucas, she is ecstatic. Given that she regretted giving her son up to begin with, the idea of another opportunity to be his mother is more than she ever hoped for. However, she does not count on caring about Psyche, becoming her friend and how hard it will be on her to watch Psyche slowly drift away. Meanwhile, she must also deal with Keegan, whom she is very attracted to but who she thinks despises her, even though he does not truly know her. When Psyche throws a wrench in the works by deciding that Molly and Keegan should raise Lucas together, the sparks really fly. But will Molly and Keegan’s attraction become something more, or will they lose the child they love to Pysche’s machinations?

McKettrick’s Heart is romance at its best! Keegan is such a typical hard-headed male that I found myself wondering if he was ever going to wake up and realize what a good match he and Molly are, and that he is wrong about Molly and her motives. Molly as the woman who made an error in judgement but who is given a second chance both at love and at being a mother is heartbreaking at times to read about, though in a good way. The very real emotional turmoil that can occur when someone that has a terminal illness begins slipping away is so well-described that I had tears in my eyes at different points in this book. Ms. Miller’s characters are realistic, and all the characters have key parts to play, even the secondary ones, which made reading McKettrick’s Heart that much more enjoyable. The love when it is finally realized by Keegan and Molly is so beautiful that I had to read the final part of this book several times. This reviewer will be first in line when Ms. Miller’s next book comes out!

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