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ISBN# (10)09793252-4-2/(13)978-0-9793252-4-3
October 1, 2007
Black Lyon Publishing
P.O. Box 567, Baker City, OR 97814
Trade Paperback / E-book
$15.95 / $8.00
216 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maya Valentine was a teacher and was spending the summer at her family’s vacation home in Salisbury Junction. Her mother had passed away a few years ago and she had just recently lost her father so she needed time away from Portland to heal and decided that the place where she spent such wonderful times with her family would be the perfect location.

Stanton Black, famous author, was in Salisbury Junction researching the Gold mining of the area for his next mystery book. He also found the Oregon countryside just what he needed to get past his own recent brush with death.

Stanton contacted Alice Roberts, a knowledgeable woman on local history to help him. When Alice, Maya’s elderly neighbor, became ill, she begged Maya to help Stanton. As a favor to Alice, Maya guided Stanton around the area and soon they were constantly arguing, which usually ended up in Maya calling Stanton a pig. When Maya’s house is broken into and she discovers someone mining on her property, Stanton is there for her like nobody else has ever been. She fears she may be falling for him, which is not a good thing considering he has a high profile relationship with a beautiful actress back home in Hollywood.

Maya’s Gold is just as luxurious as its name suggests. The story held my attention right away and would not let go. It is intriguing, dangerous and romantic all at the same time. The relationship between Maya and Stanton was tumultuous at first and then sweet, which is very enjoyable. Well defined characters and superb dialog combined with a wonderfully descriptive setting made for one shiny nugget of a tale. Mary Vine’s new romance is one shiny nugget of a tale.

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