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ISBN# 1-4201-0654-6
April 2009
Kensington Zebra
352 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Meredith Burnley is a middle class country spinster, content with her life. Her only concern is for the safety and happiness of her half sister. When her uncle threatens to send Annabel away, Meredith takes her sister and runs to London hoping that their estranged family will keep them safe. Safety soon stops being her only concern when she meets the Marques of Silverton.

Stephen Silverton has been raised to be the Marquess. Regardless of his wealth and position in the upper class, his lordship is not happy with his life. Until a whirlwind enters his uncle’s study demanding protection for her sister. He soon finds himself completely smitten by the girl although she feels she is not worthy of his attention. Meredith’s reluctance only convinces him of his need to make her his wife.

The risks to the Burnley sisters become obvious when their uncle and cousin arrive in London and start to threaten Meredith. Luckily, Stephen along with his young cousin Robert soon arrive to deal with the situation, but everyone knows they have not heard the last from the senior Burleys’.

This is a sweet romance set in Regency London. Ms Kelly has portrayed a certain amount of the stuffiness of the British upper classes although I feel she has softened it somewhat. The Romance between Stephen and Meredith is amusing to watch. Meredith dances around him for so long in her fear of causing a scandal. But the characters none the less work well together building a strong storyline with enough background and intrigue to almost make a reader beg for a sequel.

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