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ISBN# 978-1-60521-015-5
Jan 2009
Changeling Press
64 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Mirage and her sister Mischief have been scouring the universe looking for their sister, Soundwave. Escapees from a horrific homeland, the two women wind up being bound for life to men they do not want. Hoping to escape, Mirage instead becomes trapped on a ship with her new and unwanted captor.

A sexy shifter, Rynund, has finally found his mate, but is frustrated when she escapes him. Giving chase, he finds Mirage just before she risks death crossing a wormhole.

Mirage and Rynund may enjoy each other sexually, but is that enough to keep Mirage with him, or will she chose to continue the search for her sister?

I enjoyed the first book of this series, and was worried that I had expected too much from Mastering Mirage, but luckily I was wrong. This is a clever book, with great details, strong background information that moves the story along quickly, and really hot sex. Rynund is a good hero who is very exciting and the epitome of resolute. Mirage is strong willed and plays against her mate perfectly. The dialogue is perfect, working well with the harsh parts of the story. The background characters complement the story, with a visit from the past and a set up to the sequel. This is a short story, and I would have loved to have an extended version, but the book was not missing anything, I just want more. I am now anxiously waiting for the next book by Ms Brown.

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