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Mediterranean Mambo
Book 1 – Notorious in Nice
Book 2 – Manacled in Monaco
Book 3 - Carnal in Cannes

ISBN# 978-1-59632-717-7
June 2008
Loose Id Publishing
179 Pages
Erotic Multicultural
Rating: 4 cups

Sarita Kahn was born to a Catholic mother and a Hindu father. Raised in a small southern town in the heart of the Bible belt, her family was snubbed, and even more so when her drunken father left and never came back. Sarita was smart though and made high grades. In high school she met and fell in love with Rolan Paxton, a boy who grew up in money. Rolan was the first and only man, and she thought it would be okay, but Rolan left never knowing Sarita was pregnant.

Rolan Anthony Paxton is a big time football player with three super bowl rings. He was at the high point in his career but knew at twenty-eight there were others ready to take his place. Rolan is also getting tired of the groupie girls and the whole sex scene. While out on one of his friend’s boat with another nameless woman, Rolan runs into the only woman that has ever mattered to him Sarita Kahn.

Sarita is an expert chef and has worked hard these past ten years to put money back to own her own Bristo business one day. She signed onto this yacht to help make extra money. Sarita could not believe it when she runs into Rolan, after all this time she still loves him. Rolan cannot believe he has a son Anthony (Tony) Rolan Kahn, and how happy he is about finding Sarita and Tony. Now Rolan knows what he wants in life, and all he had to do is prove to Sarita he means it. But how does he do that when there are others out to ruin him.

Whew, this is an exciting and fast-paced erotic romance. Readers have a cool drink when you sit down with this story. Ms. Carlo pens one wickedly hot book with lots of spins and twists to keep you ensnared while adding deliciously spicy love scenes to tantalize. Never a dull moment, this story keeps you on your toes, cheering for Sarita while demanding more from Rolan. This is one story that will call to most women, a sort of Cinderella tale only much more erotic. The sparks and sexual tension between these characters are explosive and you will enjoy the snappy and witty repertoire. This is one spectacular tale and it is going on my keeper shelf.

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