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ISBN: unavailable
November 2008
Lyrical Press
214 Pages
Romantic Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

Working as the office manager for Golden Spirit should have been an experience to be savored by Penny Roberts. However, within a couple of weeks she finds herself completely disillusioned with just about every aspect of the alternative therapy center.

Martin is on a quest to find his missing sister Lucy since she succumbed to the Thomas Doctrine three years ago. He has been tracking The Thomas Group looking for her, but he is no closer to the elusive Riley Thomas now than when he started.

Studying part-time to become a counselor gives Penny hope that someday she can pull herself and others out of the deep and mucky depths of despair. But working for Golden Spirit is one more disappointment in her already dismal life. The center is nothing more than a hot bed of gossip with backbiting people trying to claw their way to the top. Penny cannot take much more, when Martin shows up at her desk and really upsets her world. He is the first man to take an interest in her welfare in so long, she does not know how to respond. Does he just want an insider in order to infiltrate the center, or could he possibly be the answer to a life she never again dared to hope for?

Penny is a lost and sorry soul, rattling around in her own mind for so long and rarely inviting anyone else in. The arrival of Martin is probably the only thing to save her from herself. They are both struggling for answers, but Martin is just the catalyst Penny needs to jump-start her life again. He may not be a knight in shining armor, but this only makes him more real. Ms. Dunford takes you on a twisted and complex ride through the mind of Penny Roberts. A journey that is emotionally and literarily captivating for her readers.

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