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ISBN# (13)978-60370-279-9 / (10)1-60370-279-2
February 2008
Torquere Press
24 Pages
Contemporary Gay Erotica
Rating: 5 cups

Toshi is a gay Japanese man visiting Hawaii for the first time. Being in Hawaii and experiencing the laid back atmosphere is making him feel braver than he normally would be.

Kristopher is a Native Hawaiian, and lives on the islands. He has a rather interesting job as a living statue.

When Toshi spots Kristopher for the first time, he wants nothing more than to go and touch him, as all the other people are who want their picture taken with this engaging young man. However, even when Kristopher makes eye contact, he chooses to walk away rather than act on his own wishes and possibly those of Kristopher. Will he see Kristopher again? Will he make a move if he does?

Mahape a ale wala’au is a wonderful story that captures the essence of the Hawaiian islands. I relished reading the descriptions of Hawaii and the people who live there. The characters are very real, and the story which is told from Toshi’s viewpoint takes on a life of its own because of this. The sex is blistering hot but still has an element of deep caring, making it a very emotionally satisfying read. The story also gives a bird’s eye view of the gay community in Hawaii and does a fantastic job of showing that it is comprised of all different personalities. Mr. Bens has written a keeper as far as I am concerned and I look forward to many more satisfying reads from this author in the near future.

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