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ISBN# (10): 0-7582-1277-1/ (13):978-0-7582-1277-1
November 2007
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$15.00 U.S./$19.00 Canada
432 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Black Satin

Carla MacKenzie Barrett is a single mother with three boys, thirteen, eleven and ten. She was married almost nine years however, her husband died in an automobile accident five years ago. He provided for her but Carla chose to take classes and go into real estate. Sometimes it is not easy dating and trying to raise three boys but she does the best she can. After she has a fender bender with an old college friend, things begin to look up in more ways than one.

Veronica, ‘Ronnie,’ Browning Talmidge is thrilled to see her friend after all these years. Carla has not changed a bit. Ronnie is married to Jack, an independent geologist who does some consulting with oil companies. He does quite a bit of traveling but the two more or less have an open marriage.

With three growing boys that will need college tuition one day, Carla must think about money. Ronnie an old friend bumps into Carla and they begin sharing lunches and spending time together. Carla is surprised to learn that Ronnie is a hooker when she shares her photo album “the Black Satin”. Carla becomes intrigued the more Ronnie talks about it. Carla is pulled into the excitement of Ronnie’s world and discovers why Ronnie chooses to have the ‘extra money’. Living out her own fantasies excites Carla. Even though Carla meets a man named Bryce, she is not sure he will be able to accept her lifestyle. Ronnie believes her marriage will improve if husband stops traveling. Yet but when he learns about her album, things could really backfire.

Black Satin will raise the heat levels a few notches in this fast-moving tale. Carla is an intriguing character that makes the story strong. As a mother, she looks out for her boys’ future, yet there is another part of her that is still a woman who has desires. This story allows the reader to become a friend with Carla while seeing the passion that has been locked away for many years, blossoming into a happiness she has long missed.

The Love Flower

Fran Caputo leads a double life. One minute she works at a video store, the next she writes sexy stories under the name of Nichole St. Michelle. She searches erotic publishers to find the appropriate one to send her latest story. As a semi-regular contributor, the money, even though small, is nice and her efforts rewarded.
Carla Barrett is called upon to teach certain skills to Fran when she goes to New York. What Carla teaches her is something Fran will never forget. Carla shows her the ropes and helps to bring out the real Fran. This helps her to meet Michael John Patrick O’Malley whom she plays some delicious games with.

Fran is surprised to learn her romance novel, The Love Flower, is up for the Madison Prize and finds it hard to believe it has actually been nominated. She was certain because of its content it would be over looked. She needs to go to New York but has mixed feelings about going. The book is penned under her pen name. How could she possibly go to New York and behave like the woman who wrote the spicy stuff? Fran is surprised with the education that Carla enlightens her. As she begins to open up in many ways, there could even be another book in the making. Throughout it all, Fran quickly learns an unforgettable lesson.

The Love Flower once again brings Carla into the picture with this story. It moves with sizzle and spice that keeps the reader in tune to all the sensations. With each new experience, it is not just the idea of getting intimate with someone to have some action, but rather learning what truly makes the heart happy.

Be prepared for riveting action in two tales that creativity spring forth with arousing sensual passion. This book has some intense stirring moments that scream bring on the ice water. However, there is so much more in these two stories. They entail friendship; families and learning to not only allow happiness to be the number one issue in life, but just being there for one another. This author has spun two stories that not only are a delight but skillfully crafted to never lose the reader.

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