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ISBN# 9780451225979
March 2009
Signet Eclipse
Trade Paperback
326 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

She should have died as an infant, having been abandoned on the side of the road, but Fate had a plan for Marianna Wren. She is a survivor, and better yet, she has a goal.

Calliope Wiles enjoys life to the fullest, and finds immense pleasure in making sure her benefactor is properly satisfied. The thought of procuring a playmate for their enjoyment is a most tantalizing idea.

Marianna grew up as Mary Wren, the lowliest scullery maid at Worthy mansion, but none can deny her beauty is exceptional. She never gave her looks a second thought until John Lyon came into her life, and overnight she is transformed. This burgeoning evolution into a life of passion comes with more than a few setbacks, but through it all she has her friend Calliope, and her love for John. Calliope gives her the tools she needs to explore her inner goddess, and John gives her the incentive to become a Queen.

This is a beautifully sensual exploration into a young woman’s sexuality, one that will hold you captive as she blossoms from a child to a strong, independent woman. Pleasure is taken to new heights in every chapter, and my only concern is Calliope’s shallow regard for her friend’s safety. I very much enjoy the way Marianna holds her own, and does not falter in her love for John. She is an exceptional heroine, and I would love to read her hero’s story.

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