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ISBN# 978-1-60777-132-6
31 January 2009
Ravenous Romance
177 pages
Sci-fi Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Captain Nora Bradley has been in love with her second in command for years, but they must keep their relationship professional. This becomes more difficult the further they go through space meeting a number of very sex-orientated beings

Robert Smith has known Nora since they trained together, and they have always kept in close contact with each other. Now, he must help her deal not only with their feelings but with the aliens who have invaded the ship.

They are supposed to be traveling for months but soon encounter problems they just can’t handle alone. First, three very small bug-like humanoids arrive to help. Then, an accident produces a younger version of the very sexy Esirian tactical officer. Now they have a race that can copy DNA and are using that to take over the ship.

This book is set in a futurist space ship, where a number of unusual sexual relationships arise. In places, this story is somewhat difficult to follow, and one is easily lost in the numerous sex scenes. There are situations where different species come together in strange circumstances. I enjoyed Ms Lane’s story but found some of the situations a little far-fetched.

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