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ISBN: 9781600542978
April 24, 2009
50 Pages
Erotica; BDSM; Historical; LYD Category Fairy Tales and Love Songs
Rating: 4 Cups

At the age of eighteen, Lydia Long knew one thing for certain. Her body was mature enough to recognize the sensual longing she felt for one man.

Ames Clancy was shocked when Lydia came up to him and practically attacked his lips with her own. Trying to disentangle her from his body, he said some cruel words that hurt her and followed her on her trip to Italy.

The year is 1907 and after ten long years, Lydia is home and taking over the family businesses. Now at twenty-eight, she is ready to get on with her goal of seducing Ames Clancy, but there is a slight problem. It seems that while her body is still attracted to the handsome man, his performance is not what she was expecting and left her slightly cold. Can Lydia get Ames to push all the right buttons to make her body heat up, or are they destined to be a trial and error love affair that fizzles out before either is ready for it to end?

Lust at First Rejection is the kind of story that puts a smile on my face with an in-your-face wake-up call. Ms. Payne takes an awkward eighteen-year-old girl still getting comfortable with her body and pits her against a more worldly man. Ten years later the same girl comes back as a woman on a mission, to seduce the man who tore her ego to pieces. The sex scenes were spicy and hot, and the overall storyline was great. Add the era of when women began to get their rights, and this is a very nice read with some major hot scenes that just added to a wonderful tale about a woman destined for greatness and the man who will help her get what she wants.

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