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LUSCIOUS CRAVING (Candace Steele Trilogy)
ISBN# 978-0-345-49254-8 (0-345-49254-4)
November 2006
Ballantine Books
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10019
352 Pages
Romance/Contemporary; Fiction/Horror
Rating: 4 Cups

Candace Steele is a casino cocktail waitress. She can automatically sense a vampire. When one is around, she feels an intense cold and if the vampire is truly powerful, the cold seeps into her skin, gnawing at her insides. Unless it is Ash, a vampire of which she still desires the ache of his touch. And just when she thinks he is there bringing her to a heightened climax she suddenly awakes to learn it is only a dream.

Ashford Donahue III is the vampire who walked out of Candace’s life six months ago promising never to return but promises can be broken.

Al Manelli is Candace’s boss who suggests that Candace do some probing into the tournament matters.

Matthew Pressman meets Candace at a diner. One can only wonder is it coincidental or a setup.

Candace starts to develop some dangerous patterns. After she spots a man she believes a vamp, she accidentally spills a drink on him only to escort him out after he grabs her derrière. When she pulls a sharp silver stake from her hair, threatening to use it, he fesses up that on New Year’s Eve a final game of the poker tournament is to go down. It will be a huge con that could ruin the casino and the tournament. Not certain if it is actual truth, she goes to Al to discuss the new information. Michael Pressman just happens to occupy a seat at Ma’s Original Diner when Candace enters and realizes the sexy man has her chair. After they meet and share conversation, he informs he is signed up for the No Limits Tournament, playing poker. Their instant attraction has Michael eager, ready and willing to stroke Candace all the way to her toes in a slow sensual seduction, something that she soon finds most fiery. As Candace goes all out to unlock the mystery of the approaching tournament, she learns that it carries strength with some high officials and it is up to her to make sure no one gets harmed when the tables shift. If that is not enough, she still has lingering thoughts of Ash, and Michael does not help matters. Then again she has to wonder if Michael really is who he claims, and perhaps Ash hiding somewhere in the distance to strike. After all, the girl does have strong instincts when it comes to vampires and time is quickly running out.

Luscious Craving takes a succulent bite out of life in a most seductive way. Candace is a strong willed woman who does not allow anyone or anything to cross her path. Feisty and determined, she makes the story come alive through the pages. The emotions she carries in the pages with Ash and Michael are stimulating and sensual. Ash has his strong points that almost ignite the pages. Cameron Dean crafts a trilogy that leaves the reader hungering for more. Enticing characters, romantic rendezvous’, sharp writing and one captivating read that stirs the senses.

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