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ISBN# (10)0-352-34176-9/(13)978-0-352-34176-1
March 4, 2008
Black Lace (Virgin Books)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
272 Pages
Erotic Romance/Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Clara Fox is the manager of an art gallery. While making preparations for a private art showing, she comes upon some emails from a Mr. X who seems to know much about her. Curious, she begins to send replies which create some heated situations.

Eric has scheduled a private showing of his paintings. After meeting Clara, he is quite intrigued and intends to show her a whole lot more than his artistic work.

As an independent woman, after living with Paul for a year, Clara says goodbye to his controlling nature. Unfortunately, after being apart for six months, the sensual sexual feelings he encrypted into her head, cause strong sexual feelings again. She is busy preparing a private showing at the gallery, and her boss, Xavier has not been much help. He mostly stays in his office or out with other matters. She sees some emails addressed to a Ms X that seem to know everything about her desires. It piques her interest and she begins corresponding before the exhibit begins. Once the show begins, Eric has a way of undressing Clara with his eyes, but one lingering gaze lends more than she expected. After Eric introduces Clara to his friend, Astrid, the three find exciting pleasures together, and in time, guides Clara to discover more passions in the arms of others that know Eric. During her sensual lusty moments, Clara tries to unlock the mystery behind the emails and Mr. X, wondering if it could be Paul, Xavier or someone she has been seeing, as her mind wonders if she will ever come in contact with the man who heats her all over.

Lured by Lust is a very hot, sensual read. It is so fiery, and the sexual situations often intense, that one might need to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Clara is very daring when it comes to finding her inner desires and fulfilling every one of them. It is a story where the reader is not only encountered with all the lusty action that Clara faces, but the mystery as to who is behind the emails and why. Tania Picarda weaves a loaded sensual story of a woman who finds it hard to say no when the craving strikes. Explicit sexual sensations that burn through the pages in this passionate read.

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